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The undersigned desires to participate in various programs, events or activities (Hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Activities”) operated or sponsored by NorthStar Christian Center. The undersigned understands and releasing and holding NorthStar Christian Center harmless from any liability rising out of participation in the Activities. I have investigated the risks involved in the Activities and fully understand and assume such risks on my behalf. Specifically, I understand and acknowledge that I may suffer or experience, among other things, personal injury, or bodily damage, medical disabilities, loss or theft of personal property, imprisonment, abduction, and even death. The undersigned requests that NorthStar Christian Center allow him/her to participate in the Activities, and in consideration thereof agrees hereby to release and discharge NorthStar Christian Center, from all actions, it’s officers and directors, and it’s employees, agents and any other parties volunteering on behalf of NorthStar Christian Center, from all actions, causes of action, injuries, claims, damages, costs or expenses of any kind, growing out of or related to any such activities in which the undersigned participates. I understand that this is a full and complete release of all injuries and damages which I may sustain as a result of my participation in any of the activities regardless of the specific cause thereof. This Agreement  is binding on my heirs, successors and personal representatives.*