Madison Street United Methodist Church


Fill out the form below to order your Ascension Notecards, an 11x14 Commemorative Commissioned Ascension Easter Print or Wall Art Print. The notecards will be shipped directly to you. Easter Prints are available at the church. Wall Art Prints will be ordered on January 15. If you have questions, please email Lacy Wilson at

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Ascension Note Cards   Clear My Answer
1 pack of 10 for $12
2 packs of 10 for $24
3 packs of 10 for $36
4 packs of 10 for $48
11x14 Commemorative Commissioned Ascension Easter Print   Clear My Answer
1 for $10
2 for $20
3 for $30
4 for $40
Professional Print (Order will be placed on Janaury 15.)   Clear My Answer
5x7 for $8
9x12 for $15
18x24 for $45