Virginia Beach Town Center Blind Lions Club


Make your reservations early and save…early bird registration fee is $20.00 until September 20, 2020. All registrations received  after September 20, 2020 will be $25.00 Make checks payable to: Town Center Blind Lions and send registration payments to:
Lion Evonne Green 1420 Ski Lodge Road Virginia Beach, VA. 23453 Call 757-343-3309
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Registration $20.00 if paid by Sept. 20
Registration Fee $25 after Sept 21st - Oct 1 
Please tell us of any Special Dietary Needs you have:
Saturday Breakfast $23
Friday Dinner $28
Friday dinner selection
Southern Fried Chicken
2 Southern Fried Chickens
Barbeque Pork
2 Barbeque Porks
Saturday Lunch Raffle 6 Pk for $5
Saturday Lunch $23.00 each
Saturday Lunch Selection
Vegetable Wrap
2 Vegetable Wraps
Grilled Caesar Wrap
2 Grilled Caesar Wraps
Roast Beef Wrap
2 Roast Beef Wraps
Saturday Dinner Raffle 6 pack for $5.00
Saturday Dinner Salmon $38.00
Saturday Dinner Pork Loin $33
Saturday Dinner Ricotta Manicotti $31
Saturday Dinner Grilled Chicken $33
Sunday Breakfast $23