Saint Andrew's Society of Central Illinois


Founded in 1987, the St. Andrew's Society was established as a non-profit organization to fulfill 3 primary goals. 
  • To educate the general public and Society members in Celtic (Scottish, Irish, and Welsh) Heritage. 
  • To continue the traditions and customs associated with all Celts such as national dress, music, dance, language and history, which make us distinct among Americans. 
  • To pursue charitable causes for the benefit of the community
Membership is open to anyone interested in Celtic heritage regardless of age, sex, race, or religion. 
1. Highland Games and Celtic Festival: This committee organizes all aspects of our annual festival held on the third Saturday in May. 
2. Pipes and Drums: World class highland bagpipe and drum band engaging in performances and competitions throughout the Midwest in order to promote and perpetuate our Celtic heritage through music. 
3. Celtic Dancers: Our dance group studies and performs traditional Scottish and Irish dances to promote and perpetuate our Celtic heritage in the art of dance. The dancers compete individually at highland games throughout the Midwest and even in Scotland. 
4. Ancient Athletics: The group is dedicated to excellence in the performance of ancient highland athletic events such as caber toss, sheaf toss and stone throw among others. They compete at highland games events throughout the Midwest and stage educational demonstrations of the events. 
5. Celtic Heritage: The Celtic Heritage Unit of the St. Andrew's Society of Central Illinois provides access to information and activites about Celtic history, genealogy, and the languare arts. 
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