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Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen
July 22nd - July 30th, 2017
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All registrations for partial attendance must be submitted NO LATER than June 20th.  We cannot guarantee partially attendance will be possible after this date.

For single-payment joint registrations (e.g. couples), you will have the chance to easily add a person after you have completed this first registration.

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Prices for Attendance & Accommodations

  $5 per day Early-bird discount for registrations completed before June 29th!

Costs: Per person per day. Dormitory includes teachings, meals, tsog feasts, and accommodation. Day-only includes teachings, tsog feasts, and only lunch.

For questions please email

Dormitory $42/day (Non-member pricing)  Early-bird discount applied at checkout.  Fee not include bedding. Pre and post event days are $35/day.
20th Thurs (pre-event)
21st Fri (pre-event)
22nd Sat (retreat beings)
23rd Sun
24th Mon
25th Tues
26th Wed
27th Thurs
28th Fri
29th Sat
30th Sun (retreat ends)
31st Mon (post-event)
Aug 1st Tues, (post-event)
Dormitory $38/day (CGF Member pricing)* Early-bird discount applied at checkout.  Fee does not include bedding. Pre and post event days are $35/day.
20th Thurs (pre-event)*
21st Fri (pre-event)*
22nd Sat (retreat beings)*
23rd Sun*
24th Mon*
25th Tues*
26th Wed*
27th Thurs*
28th Fri*
29th Sat*
30th Sun (retreat ends)*
31st Mon (post-event)*
Aug 1st Tues, (post-event)*
Bedding Rental $20 for Dormitory stay.
Add Bedding Rental
Day Only $30/day - Early-bird discount applied at checkout.  Day-only fee covers teachings, lunch, and tsog feasts.
22nd Sat (retreat beings)**
23rd Sun**
24th Mon**
25th Tues**
26th Wed**
27th Thurs**
28th Fri**
29th Sat**
30th Sun (retreat ends, the final day will start before sunrise)**
Tara House (availability limited).  Only full attendance options are available. Pre and post event stays are $37/day. $50 early-bird discount at checkout.
20th Thurs (pre-event) TH
21st Fri (pre-event) TH
$680 Tara House (non-member) full event price
$600 Tara House (member) full event price
31st Mon (post-event) TH
Aug 1st Tues, (post-event) TH
Children under 12 yrs registering with you (attendance is free).  Please count children under 12yrs who need their own bed.

Please answer the questions below:

Do you have the Rigdzin Dupa Empowerment?  If you are unsure please select NO.  Empowerment is require to attend and will be given on the second day of the retreat.  *
I have read and agree to the terms of the liability release statement attached below. *
Attached Document: Ati Ling Liability Release.pdf
Please list any severe food allergies
Do you need a chair?*
No, I can sit on the floor with cushions
Yes, I need a chair to sit

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY  Please note that for any cancellation within 7 or fewer days of the event start date, $25 per event day will be deducted from the refund. Thank you!